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 Category Setup is used to create the categories for which participants register. 

For example, many running races include a 5K and a 10K, or offer different prices for youth and/or senior participants, and many cycling races include Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3/4 and Cat 5 categories with separate start times. Even if your event is just a single race with one price, you’ll still need to set up at least one category in order to collect registrations.

To create new categories or edit existing categories:

    1. Login to your Event Director Area, and click the name of your event in your event list.

    2. Click on "Category Setup" under "Event Setup."

    3. CatNew.pngClick the button for "Add New Category," or click the edit dropdown menu to the right an existing category. 

      OR select multiple categories by using checkboxes to the left of category names and then clicking "Edit Selected Categories." 

    4. CatEdit.pngEdit or enter information in General, Sanctioning, Team Setup, Fee Schedule, Omnium/Series, Waitlist, and Restrictions areas, and click "Save." 

For events with lots of categories, use Category Headers to help participants find what they are looking for. After selecting the event you wish to update, click "Edit Categories," then the green "Add New Group Header" button. Create titles for the group headers and then drag and drop categories into the correct sections.

For example: 




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