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Custom Questions are used for collecting additional information from your participants such as t-shirt sizes, meal options or other information which is not tied to their category or to a fee.

Custom questions can expire after a certain date, so that the question no longer appears to participants who register after that date. For example, if you are offering free t-shirts to early registrants, set the question expiration date to the last day shirts are available.


To set up a custom question:

  1. Log in to your Event Director account and select the event you'd like to edit.
  2. Click "Custom Questions" in "Event Setup" menu. 
  3. Click "Add New Question." 
  4. Add question text (example: "Please choose your free t-shirt size.")
  5. If you'd like to add more information about the item, use "Question Description" area.
  6. For "Question Abbreviation," enter the text you want to see as the column heading in your registration data download.
  7. Choose whether a response is optional or required for participants. Note: If you make the question required, be sure to include an opt-out option, such as "I don't want a t-shirt" when setting up your answer options.
  8. Choose the answer type. If you want to actually collect a text response from each person, such as answers to “How did you hear about this event?” choose single line or multi line text. If you want registrants to choose one answer from several options you provide, choose Radio Button or Dropdown List. If registrants can choose more than one answer from several options, use Checkboxes.
  9. If you choose Radio Button, Drop Down List or Checkboxes, an answers choices section will appear below. Enter each answer choice, the additional costs (for example, if XL t-shirts cost an extra $2, enter 2 in the cost space, and the quantity available, and click Add. Another line will appear for you to enter the next answer choice. You can drag and drop the answer options to reorder them. Remember, if you are selling shirts, it’s easier to use the Merchandise features which will provide cleaner data.
  10. If a limited quantity of free merchandise is available (for example, dinner is included for the first 100 registrants), enter the number available in this section, in Quantity. Once that quantity is met, the question will no longer display for registrants.
  11. If the item is only available up to a certain date, you can enter an expiration date and time, after which the question will no longer display for registrants. For example, if free t-shirts are only included until a specific date as an early registration incentive, set the expiration date for the item. You could also create a merchandise item to continue to sell t-shirts after that deadline.
  12. If you wish to hide the question on the registration page, click the “Hide” box. This is useful if you want to open a question after a certain date (such as in the t-shirt example above), but note that you will have to manually open the question.
  13. Choose whether the question will display for all categories, or only for selected categories, and choose the eligible categories. For example, participants who register for “youth ride” could have the option to select their free t-shirt size, while all other registrants must purchase a shirt.
  14. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.
  15. Click "Add New Question" to add additional custom questions.
  16. Drag and drop your questions to change the order in which they appear to registrants.

To review or edit your custom questions:

    1. Click Custom Questions under Event Setup, and a list of your custom questions will appear.
    2. Click the edit or delete icons to the left of the questions. Note that if you delete a question for which data has already been collected, your response data will also be deleted. If you realize your question is not working as expected, it’s best to create another question and hide the original one to retain the original data. 

When entering participants manually, every custom question will appear, so be thoughtful about collecting information for manual entries and communicate clearly about the required information with anyone manually entering entries for your event.

The following information is collected by default for all entries on any athleteReg site, and does not require a custom question: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Emergency Contact
  • Emergency Contact Phone


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