Printing USAC Release Forms

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USA Cycling (USAC) requires a “wet” signature on each release form, so event directors can generate and print completed USAC release forms so that racers need only sign the release at number pickup. The release forms are in the form of a PDF document that can be opened on any platform. Be sure to test out the download procedures before your event to work out any problems you may encounter.

To generate and print USAC Release Forms, do the following:

  1. Login to your Event Director Area, and choose the event for which you want to print release forms.PrintRelease.png
  2. Under "Registration Data," click "Print Release Forms."
  3. Carefully read information about font size and scaling, then check the box, and click "I Agree.”
  4. Choose the category and date range for which you want to generate release forms, and how you want the releases sorted.
  5. Choose a release template. The following options are available:
    1. American Bicycle Racing Waiver
    2. Chicago Parks USA Cycling Waiver
    3. League of American Bicyclists Waiver
    4. NABRA Waiver and Release
    5. Non-USAC Sanctioned Event Entry/Release Form
    6. OBRA Waiver and Release
    7. USAC Collegiate Event Entry/Release & One-day Member Form
    8. USAC Event Release Form
    9. USAC Gran Fondo Event Entry/Release Form
    10. USAC Mountain Event Entry/Release Form & One-day Member Form
    11. USAC Non-Competitive Event Entry/Release & One-day License
    12. USAC Road, Track, and CX Event Entry/Release & One-day Form
    13. USAC Series Release Form
    14. USAC Volunteer Release Form
    15. USAT 2015 Waiver
  6. Some waivers allow the user to add optional border labels to aid participants or volunteers quickly locate waivers. For example, you could print the rider’s last name in the bottom right-hand corner of the release.
  7. Choose your print option.
    1. Option 1 – Print Full Release prints the entire waiver including participant info on your printer. This is recommended if you are using a high capacity copier or printing at a copy shop.
    2. Option 2 – Print Rider Information Only prompts you to first download the waiver template, and make copies of the waiver template on a copy machine, and then to load the waivers into your printer’s paper tray, and print the participant data onto the blank waivers. If you are using an inkjet printer, this is the recommended method.
  8. Click “Get Release Forms” to download the .pdf file.
  9. Print the file, or download to a portable device and take it to your local copy shop for quick printing.

Consider sorting the forms by category and then last name, and printing release forms on 3 hole-punched paper, and keeping release forms in a binder or binders by category. This way, riders can locate and sign their release form quickly, and your release forms stay organized.

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