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To review or edit your event’s payment information, including choosing your payment method, reviewing your payment history, or requesting a payment, click "Event Payment" on the "Event Setup" menu. 

The standard payment schedule is three entry fee disbursements, the first disbursement is sent two Mondays before online registration closes, and will be for all for entry fees received up to that point. The second disbursement is sent the Monday before event registration closes, and will be for entry fees received since the first disbursement, and the third disbursement is sent the Monday after event registration closes for the remaining event balance. If you receive registrations totaling $500 or more after your second Monday disbursement, we will also send you a disbursement on the Thursday before the event. This payment schedule is the default payment schedule for all events.

The monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly payment schedules issue disbursements on the first Monday of each month, every 2 weeks, or every week respectively. This schedule works well for events which receive entries over a span of several months such as club memberships and large tours where participants sign up many months in advance.

An automatic payment will only issued if your event balance is greater than $100. You will be paid in full the Monday after the event regardless of event balance. If your balance is less than $100, you can request a payment using the Request Payment tool.

Under the Request Payment bar, you can specify how much you want to be paid (all or some of your event balance) in a one-time disbursement. There is no additional charge to use this tool.

If you’d like to keep a balance on your event, for example to issue refunds, you can do so using the Hold Funds tool. You’ll be able to specify how much you want to hold back, and when you want the hold to expire and funds to be sent out to you. You can go back in and change this at any time.

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