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Event directors can issue full or partial refunds to participants. Note that refunding and removing a participant from an event or category are separate steps. This allows event directors to retain registration information while providing “comped” or “partially-comped” entries to specific individuals, or to refund registration fees less a cancellation penalty and remove the participant. Service fees are non-refundable, and therefore the event director may wish to use the manual entry process to add participants without charge.

Refunds are issued only at the event director’s discretion; AthleteReg staff does not make decisions regarding refunds. Requests for refunds must be made to the event event director.

Refunds, less service fees, will be applied directly to participant's original method of payment. Event directors will not be paid out for any refunded fees.

To issue a refund:

  1. Login to your event director account.
  2. Click on the name of the event for which you wish to refund entry fees.
  3. Under "Registration Data," click "Edit/ Search Registrations."
  4. Click "View All Registrations," or search for a participant by name.
  5. refund.pngOnce you have located the participant you wish to refund, click the drop down button next to the persons name and then click the Refund icon (dollar bills).
  6. Choose to issue a full or partial refund. A partial refund will retain the participant's original registration category (see below to also remove their registration). A full refund provides the option to keep or remove the participant from the category. Participants who are removed are put into a category called “removed registrations.”
  7. Decide if you wish to have an automated email that confirms the refund amount to the participant.
  8. Once you have made your selections click 'Refund.'
  9. An automatic note will be made in the Notes field of that participant’s registration profile that includes the date and amount of the refund. 

See Change Category or Remove Participant for additional instructions.


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