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Are you putting on a race or athletic event to benefit another organization? Want to encourage participants to fundraise for your cause in addition to participating in the event? Use PledgeReg, athleteReg's integrated fundraising site. The PledgeReg system provides a personalized fundraising page for each participant as well as event-wide and team fundraising. PledgeReg pages can be linked to any event on BikeReg, RunReg, TriReg or SkiReg. 

  1. Create your event on any atheleteReg site.
  2. Contact our support team and we'll get your Event Director account and event page setup.
  3. Enter in the relevant information and let us know when you're done. We'll then link the two events and you'll be ready to go!
  4. Each participant who is entered into your event will receive their own PledgeReg page where they can keep track of their personal, or team fundraising goals.

Get started with PledgeReg now! 



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