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Want to sell t-shirts, mugs or meals? Use “Merchandise” in Event Setup menu to list, describe, show (4MG max), price and track availability of merchandise. 

To see how your merchandise will appear on your event page, click “Public Reg Page” at bottom of Event Setup menu.

If you wish to collect information about free merchandise (shirt sizes for shirts that are included in registration fee, for example) use a custom question instead.

To add or edit merchandise items: 

  1. Login to your Event Director Area, and click the name of the event for which you wish to sell merchandise.
  2. Click "Merchandise" under "Event Setup."
  3. Click "Add New Merchandise," or click the edit button to the right an existing merchandise item.MerchItem.png
  4. Enter title of the item, an image and a description, and click "Add."
  5. Once you have added an item, use the “Add Options” feature to list sizes, prices and quantity available, and click "Add" button. Drag and drop your item options to reorder them. MerchOptions.png

If you want the items to be visible and available for purchase online, click both the “open” and “display” boxes. If you wish to hide the item (for example, you completely sell out of commemorative merchandise and don’t want to field further questions about it), unclick the “display” option. Or, if you are selling an item only after a certain date (for example, registration before that date includes a t-shirt, but participants who register after that date must purchase a shirt), unclick the “open” button, so that the item is seen by participants, but cannot be purchased until the date has passed and you have manually clicked “open.”

Want to collect additional funds towards your cause or organization? Use the “Add New Donation Box” button to collect donations.DonationBox.png

Want to encourage participants to fundraise for your organization via personalized fundraising pages? Use PledgeReg, AthleteReg's integrated fundraising tool. Learn more about PledgeReg.

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