Multi-Event Coupons

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MultiEntryDisc.pngEvent Directors can also create coupons that can be applied to multiple events, by using the "Multi-Entry Discount" feature, under "Event Setup." Create a name for your coupon, an expiration date, the number available, how the coupon applies (per item or per cart), the discount type, and amount. See the blue box under amount to ensure your coupon will be applied as you intend. Then choose the events for which the coupon is valid. Be sure to set your coupon code expiration date later than the last event for which it is valid. See Coupons for more details on creating coupons.

For example, you might offer a $5 discount to club members for all club sponsored events. Your coupon information would look like this: 


Or, if you wanted to offer a discount to participants who sign up for three specific club events at one time (a flat fee of $100, instead of $40 individually) you could set your coupon up like this:



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