General - Category Setup

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When creating a new category, category name, entry fee and start time are required in the General section. Optional fields include description, distance, field limits, reserved entries and prizes. 


Use the “Update Restrictions from Category Name” button under "Category Name" to jump to the Restrictions sections with auto-detected restrictions. For example, entering a category name of “Women 3/4” will suggest that the category be restricted to females with category 3 or category 4 racing license numbers. Be sure to review all restrictions before saving your category.

Events with many categories, such as cycling road races, may wish to use the "Copy from Existing Category" feature, in the grey box at the top of any new category window.

Event directors may also wish to update all categories at once, for example, to set fee increases. To do this, choose the categories you wish to edit by checking the boxes to the left of the categories on the main category page, and then click the green “edit selected categories” button. This is called a “bulk edit.”

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