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The standard payment schedule is to issue three entry fee disbursements. The first disbursement is sent TWO Mondays BEFORE your online registration closes for all entry fees received up to that point. The second disbursement is sent the Monday BEFORE your online registration closes for entry fees received since the prior disbursement. The third disbursement is sent the Monday AFTER your event's online registration closes for remaining entries fees received since the initial disbursements.

If you receive registrations totaling $500.00 or more after your second Monday disbursement, we will send you a disbursement on Thursday before the event. This payment schedule is the default payment schedule for all events.

We have found this works very well for most events as they tend to receive the bulk of their entries during the 3 weeks prior to the event. This gets the most entry fee funds to the event director just before the event, when they are needed the most, and the remaining just after the event.

The monthly payment schedule is to issue disbursements on the first Monday of each month. This schedule works well for events which receive the bulk of their entries over a span of several months rather than during the few weeks leading up to the event. Good examples of events which would benefit from this schedule are club memberships and large tours where participants sign up many months in advance. To have your event setup for monthly disbursements, please contact [email protected].

The minimum automatic disbursement amount is $250. If less than minimum, the balance will be rolled into your next disbursement. However, pre-event disbursements of any amount can be made upon request. Requests made after 12:00 (noon) on Friday will be processed the following Monday. To request a disbursement, contact [email protected]

atheleteReg gives YOU access to YOUR event funds any time you may them.

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